Blue Pacific Minerals has been in operation since 1992, under different trading names but with the constant focus on using our expertise to solve customers' problems. Problems vary broadly, but we have focused on dairy cow health and productivity as one of New Zealand's leading industries. By creating products that ensure the efficiency and profitability of your dairy farm, Optimate can be utilised all 365 days of the year and effortlessly integrate with the farming calendar for cow productivity.  Dairy farming has significant impact on our economy and the environment and we want to ensure the successful longevity of both farmer and cow productivity.

For more information on other products and services that BPM can provide for your dairy herd or farm, check out our website or get in contact with us. 


To create best-in-field products we have partnered with businesses and individuals who are leading their area of expertise.

Kemin is one of those partners. Kemin is a global ingredients supplier focussed on transforming quality of life. They work across a vast number of industries including animal health, nutraceuticals, food technologies, human health and food safety. Their dedication and discipline in scientific research is constant, as is their energy and enthusiasm for discovering new ways to make life better. Diamond V is another valued partner. They continue to explore and innovate in prebiotic science and technology, based on more than 75 years of leadership in research and development of unique microbial fermentation feed additives. 

We have pulled together a team of professionals to roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in our product development process. 

This has included on farm trials, laboratory testing and multiple iterations to ensure we have a range of products that are easy to use, solve on-farm problems and provide meaningful results whilst keeping as natural as we can with no toxins or nasty additives.


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