Animal Nutritionist, Grant Richards talking preparation for mating

Grant will be talking with Hamish and Lowie on the Rural Exchange radio program (on Magic Radio Station) - Saturday mornings 6am - 8am - for three Saturdays, 18th and 25th September and 2nd October, to share tips to a successful mating.  It is called the Herd Mating Masterclass and Grant is sharing years of experience in some short sessions to empower you this season.

Text WEB to 8527 for more information or if you would like Grant to come and discuss herd nutrition for mating at your farm. 

Range of carefully chosen minerals

Optimate is a range of carefully selected minerals, trace elements, prebiotics and probiotics to help your herd to be the healthiest and highest performing that they can be.  From pre-calving blends to boosting the herd for mating, there is a specialist blend to help with each stage in the dairy calendar. Optimate products can be purchased from your rural retailer or pre mixed wtih herd's feed at feed merchants. Call us on 0800 678 444 to discuss.

The Optimate™ Range

We listened to farmer feedback, merged this with advice from animal nutritionists and micro-biologists to create a range that seamlessly fits into each part of the farming calendar, boosting cow health and production. See our full range of Optimate™ products below and see more information about how they can be a solution for your challenges.

Conveniently All-in-One

The Optimate™ range features the next generation of dispersible granule, meaning less dust and less handling when feeding out. Conveniently all-in-one it saves you time and storage with no more measuring and mixing multiple minerals and trace elements.

New Zealand Made & Owned

Our Optimate™ range is formulated by nutritionists and backed by science to provide your herd with the optimal productivity all year round. Using a combination of our products with high quality ingredients made from NZ BPM Zeolite, see specific product details for more information. Offered nationwide for farmer convenience, just chat to your local rural retailer or feed mill.

How can you use Optimate™ all year round?

See how you can utilise our Optimate™ range all 365 days

Click on each product bag for more details or see the challenges page for more information.


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